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New Special: King Jack

king jack killer pumpkins special

Special has ended

Get King Jack and Six of his evil pumpkin kin for one special price.

(You get King Jack and three Twisted Jack Pumpkins X2)

Find in the Specials Section of the Victory Store.

Don’t forget to look at the Storybook Wars Section for these evil pumpkins allies the Knotty Trees and Ol’ Dry Rot.

Special subject to end without notice and is not part of any coupon deals.



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28mm insurgents miniatures

McDaniels Marauders special thb

These specials have ended




Subject to end without notice and not part of any coupon codes.




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How to: Ol’ Dry Rot Parts

victory force miniatures big tree miniature evil tree

Ol’ Dry Rot has 3 trunk sections, 6 limbs, a section of root base (foot) that attaches to the trunk and a root tip.

It is best to attach the trunk sections with a good portion of “green Stuff”. Allow it to fill in the gaps and texture it to match the tree. Some areas near the top are meant to have a large gap. (see image) A little super glue should work fine on the root base to the trunk. “Green stuff” works great attaching the limbs also.

Carefully bend (don’t break) the limbs until you have the desired affect before attaching.

The root tip can be glued to a thin base of card stock with flocking so that you can place the tip anywhere on the table while using Ol’Dry Rot in a game.

Limbs were made to fit to corresponding areas of the trunk as they are placed in the image, smaller ones near the top. (See the finished piece in the image above for placement of limbs) Feel free to use your imagination and place them where you like. Simply fill in the holes that are there and carefully drill new ones. (With adult supervision)

Every effort has been made to make the trunk sides line up perfectly, but there is always a slight chance of some warpage do to the fact that hot metal can flex slightly when pulled from the mold. Using a filler such as “green stuff” will work fine filling in any gaps that may occur. 

Thank you




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New Release: Storybook Wars: Evil Trees

evil trees image


Trees of the forest are either good or bad, with a few exceptions that choose to remain neutral (The Swiss Pine is one example).

Trees such as Knotty Trees and Ol’ Dry Rot are definitely bad.

It is not unheard of for any of them to team up with Twisted Jack Pumpkins to bushwhack wanderers and even try to waylay Santa and his elves at Christmas.

evil knotty tree victory force miniatures

Knotty Trees

Withered, gnarled, and crooked, these trees “gone bad” will waylay and accost travellers by shifting their location, moving landmarks, and throw things to confuse and confound travellers into losing their bearings.

After they tire and confuse their prey, they assail victims with their limbs until they kill or chase them off. The knotty trees will then gather any valuables taken from or dropped by their victims; they then will hide the loot in their trunks or in the ground.

These trees can shuffle across the ground using their roots to pull them across the earth. They are not slow but cannot keep up with anyone moving at a brisk rate.

They can use their roots to trip opponents and their limbs to bludgeon them.

big tree left side web

Ol’ Dry Rot

A huge dried hallowed out husk of an old oak that hates all intruders.

He sleeps most of the day and hates being awakened. He can move slowly by lifting his dried out carcass with his strong roots and shambling to a new spot. He can also use his roots to strike an opponent from behind by moving them under the ground, while he distracts them with his gnarled limbs, then bringing the tip up behind and striking.

Ol’ Dry Rot can use his roots to move across the ground and to attack his opponents. He will use his powerful limbs to crush, throw, grab, and swat his opponents. His bark is almost petrified and can withstand axe strikes. He is only susceptible to fire if it is combined with something that will allow it to stick and continue to burn.

He has been known to bully Knotty Trees into helping him attack villagers, farmers, and anyone else encroaching on his territory.

It is not unusual for him to keep a captive trapped inside his hallow trunk to be used for ransom, as a hostage, prisoner, or until he figures out what terrible thing he wants to do to them.


Find them in the Storybook Wars section of the Victory Store.




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Coming Soon: Big Evil Tree and other trees

victory force miniatures big tree miniature evil tree

Finishing up on the evil trees.




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Workbench: Monster Trees

Working on some monster trees for the Storybook Wars line.

The large one will be a kit, in many pieces, and require a little more than normal prep to finish.



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McDaniel’s Marauders Combo Deal

Choose the Special

Pick 4 Marauders Packs and get a FREE Command Pack!

Mix and match the U.S. Marine upper torsos (armed with M16′s (holding, firing, grenade launchers), SAW’s, SMAW’s, and M240G’s) to the lower leg portions (standing, assault, running, and kneeling) and create a variety  of figure poses.

Find it in the Specials Section of the Victory Store for a limited time.

Subject to end without notice. Not valid with coupon codes.

To compare the packs go here, but you must choose the special to get the special price and free pack.




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New Specials

For a limited time I am offering a couple sampler specials.

You can pick the US Infantry or the German Infantry Samplers.

Each sampler contains 40 figures for the price of $100.00

The items will have the item numbers in each sampler.

Please go to the Specials Section to purchase.



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July 4th coupon code:

code has ended

Hurry code is only valid until July 4th 2014

Type the code in the coupon box during checkout.

Go to the Victory Store to use the code.

Offer can expire without notice. Code must be used at time of order, not valid with previous orders. Some items excluded from the offer.


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