How to mail order

If you are wishing to order VFM products by mail with a check or cashiers check here are a few simple steps to make it easy.

First, click on the products you want and select their CHF when applicable.


 After you have selected all your items, click on checkout in the upper left corner, Sign in, then fill out the shipping information. Click Continue.


Choose shipping Charges and Coupon code if applicable

Press Continue

Copy and paste then print out all the information pertaining to your order such as the Ship To Information, the products and their codes along with quantities and totals as well as the total charge for your order with shipping. It is usually best to copy and past into a email and print it from there. Put everything together with your check made out to: JLB Studios LLC

Mail to:

JLB Studios LLC, PO Box 23752, Shawnee Mission KS 66283



May take 2-3 weeks for order to arrive.






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  1. carl king says:

    where can i get the new Lehr models in the UK

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