About VFM

Victory Force Miniatures has been active since 2003. VFM started with WWII figures for gaming and has expanded to produce other lines such as Spacefarers, Redd Redan, SuburbaKnights, Creatures, VFM Heroes, Victorybots, NEWar, Terrain and more. VFM is currently working on a game, Full Metal Heroes WWII.

The figures are used for 28mm – 33mm gaming and go well with 1/48 and 1/50 scale vehicles and terrain.

You can find them at www.victoryforce.com

Klinger Chief Conventioneer

James Bland and Wargaming

Played Avalon Hill Games in the 70′s such as Panzer Blitz and Panzer Leader. Late 70′s discovered Dungeons and Dragons. In the 80′s the main games played were AD&D, Gamma World, Advanced Squad Leader as well as others.

In the 90′s was part owner of Easy Eight Enterprises makers of Battleground WWII. Self taught himself to sculpt figures, make molds and cast figures. Left EEE in 2000.

Later started JLB Studios LLC and began selling the VFM figure lines in 2003.

5 Responses to About VFM

  1. Legion McRae says:

    I just received one of your 335010 CLAWS kits.
    It’s outstanding. Thanks.
    But please tell me how and where the rabbit ears attach to the figure.
    Ideally, can you send me text description and a picture?
    Thank you.
    Legion McRae

    • Thanks glad you like it.
      On the back of it there are what look like vents on the shoulder blades. The two pieces go there, if you wish to use them. Pointy end of the rabbit ears goes first.
      Hope that helped
      James Bland

  2. carl king says:


    are your models available in the UK, and if so where from?

    the new Lehr are stunning. i play bolt action and would love some of these in a force.

    any plans to do box sets?

  3. carl king says:

    thanks for the reply but how do i get them in the UK other than order from the USA.

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