New Release: Zombie 10 for 15 Pack

The Zombie 10 for 15 Pack is a fun way for you to add to your zombie parade without breaking the bank.

The pack consists of 10 randomly picked zombie figures selected from the same figure types as those found in the Zombie Horde Set.

You allow us to pick what you receive, you save money, thats the deal. Pick as many packs as you want, save money and fill in those large gaps that permeate your zombie army.

Of course, if you prefer to have a complete set of figures found in the Zombie Horde, select The Zombie Horde Set and get one of each figure available from the Horde.

Its a win win situation.

So click here to find the Zombie Horde Set and the Zombie 10 for 15 Random Pack deal.

And while you are there, pick up some of the specialized zombies in the creatures section not found in either of the above deals.


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