Full Metal Heroes WWII

I have been checking and double checking modifiers the last week.

The hardest part in creating the rules, is when are they finished? When are there just the right amount of rules that a game is not considered to be to simple or to complex? I have rules that will not even be in the initial game, but in follow up packs. I want the core set of rules to be usable for the standard game that most people will put on.

In most games movement and combat will take place on a table that is flat and may be set in the countryside with woods and hills as well as hedgerows or may be set in a city or village with houses and streets. Rules and modifiers for such things should be in the core set of rules. Rules that may be specialized and go with specialized units might be better in scenario packs.  For example, this game is for playing battles set in Europe during WWII. There are no rules for desert warfare or jungle warfare. Rules for those types of games are best put in supplemental packs. Some situations will be touched on in the core rules such as night sighting and elements such as snow or fog as well as others. For people that want to use more detailed rules, for such events, they will be able to find them in scenario packs.

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6 Responses to Full Metal Heroes WWII

  1. Steve Vogel says:

    Will the rules also cover armor?

  2. Yes, the rules will cover armor.

    The crews, movement, combat, vs infantry and so on.
    There will be a listing of vehicles and their armor ratings and weapons etc.

    Later, for people that want more detail, there will be supplement packs where each vehicle will have its own page or two with their own modifiers, idiosyncrasies and such for that particular vehicle.

  3. Steve Vogel says:

    Let me know an email address I can send the info to, and I’d love to. Also, a friend of mine who is a real treadhead would also love to contribute, I’m sure.

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