Full Metal Heroes WWII: Charts and Modifiers

Some people like rules with a lot of charts and modifiers, others want to spend as little time as possible stopping the game to look up anything.

I tend to want both. I want the game to go as smooth as possible with just enough modifiers that I can easily store them in my brain, as I play. On the other hand, I want extra rules and modifiers for the situations that arise, once or twice during the game, where the detail is needed and the game can hang in the balance because of the outcome.

I have tried to do this with Full Metal Heroes WWII. With its three levels of rules, and the ability for the players to plug in extra rules for situations that may arise, the game can move as fast or as slow as the players wish. Common events, such as normal movement and basic combat, move very quickly. Special events that require more attention, such as hand to hand combat, slow down to match the importance of the situation.

If this appeals to you, then Full Metal Heroes WWII is the game for you.

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