Full Metal Heroes WWII™ small arms

For the regular rules, I wanted the damage done by small arms fire to be a little more than; Pistols do X amount of damage and rifles do X amount of damage, as in the basic rules. I wanted there to be a difference, on the game table, between a Colt 45 and a Luger 9mm pistol when a figure is hit.

In the regular rules, each of the small arms will have a damage factor that best goes with that particular weapon based on a few different factors.

Throughout the game I have tried to incorporate the idea that for every advantage there can be a disadvantage. Many weapons have this built in by design. What I have done, is try to make these factors fit on the game table.


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2 Responses to Full Metal Heroes WWII™ small arms

  1. John O'Connor says:

    Looks interesting. When is it looking like being available?

    Also if you need any playtesting I have a bazillion figs and almost evry set of skirmish rules available.

    • Thanks
      I am in uncharted territory with the timeline. I have to get it to an editor, after I go over it for the 500th time, then have to do the artwork.
      Then I will have to see how long it takes at a printers.

      If you are interested in play testing, please email me at contactus@victoryforce.com
      Give me some information in the email such as how often you game, how many people, what size of battles, How much detail you like in a game, and anything you would like to let me know about how or what you like to game.
      Thank you
      James Bland

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