Reusing Terrain boards: Erasing a Trench

Maybe you don’t want to build new terrain boards for every game. Maybe you have spent a lot of time building one board for a particular game and instead of letting it sit for years collecting dust,  you want to use it in other scenarios.

Here are some ideas for reusing those old terrain boards.

In this example, I am reusing the terrain board I made for the Recruits convention. (You can see photos of it by searching for “recruits game” on this blog.) I like the setup, but maybe I want to change a few things to make a whole new table setup.

I am going to “erase” the trench I made on the board. If you want it gone completely you can just fill it in, smooth it down and flock. But I don’t want to do that, I might want to use the trench again. Here are a couple of ideas on how to take it away temporarily.

One way to do it and the easiest, is to simply make a small hill that fits over it. Be sure to carve a little from the underside of the hill so it fits over the dirt pile surrounding the trench.

The next way is to make a plug that fits in the trench. (I made this one out of foam-core.) Paint and flock the plug, when it is dry, place it in the trench. You can play the game this way or…

You can take the next step and pour flocking over the trench and plug, covering it completely. After the game you can vacuum up the loose flocking and pull out the plug and you will have the trench back.

Hope this helps you with your table setup.


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  1. Brian says:

    Great ideas.


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