Full Metal Heroes: Sighting

Performing sighting checks, in any game, can slow down the flow of the game being played. Most players do not want to spend game time looking at charts filled with columns and rows trying to decide what can be seen and what cannot be seen.

I believe Full Metal Heroes WWII, with its three levels of play, solves the sighting problem. With the basic rules, you can simply have any unit that comes into line of sight, considered to be seen, except for figures who are concealed. In the regular rules, sighting is as simple as rolling the die and comparing the number on it to the figure’s modified base score. Since all of the opposing player’s units will have their own score, The players will immediately know what is and what is not seen on the table.

You will be able to see this for yourself when FMHWWII is in your hands.

Thank you

James L Bland


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