Spotlight: Night Hunters

The Night Hunters (Nachtjagers) belong to the VFM N.E.War line. Each figure is equipped with the vampir night vision scope system.

N.E.War is the term given to the continuation of the second World War in 1945.

The Night Hunters are elite fanatic soldiers who refused to give up and surrender at the war’s end. They are the first to start the New War. They have equipped themselves with highly secretive, technologically advanced, weapons. They attack at night disrupting allied communications, supplies and troops. They are the hunters of the German command units in hiding, as well the elite troops of the Wherwolf units operating behind enemy lines. They are easily considered equal if not better than commandos of the time.


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3 Responses to Spotlight: Night Hunters

  1. Brian says:

    These great minis are fantastic and with a little conversion they can end up being late war PGs hunting alongside that Falcons and Owls. I would love to see more minis with the Vampire or Sniperscope kit.


  2. Yes, I need to do some more actual WWII figures with this equipment.

  3. Brian says:

    I bet a vehicle conversion bit of the German FG 1250 for a tank ring and even one with a MG42 on it would be a huge seller. Everyone and their brother would be getting IR to dress up their tanks and 1/2 tracks.


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