Full Metal Heroes WWII™

Full Metal Heroes WWII is a Tabletop miniatures game set in World War II, where you are able to choose the rules you wish to use each game. Uses the Choose Your Rules System™

The game is set up with three levels of rules: Basic, Regular and Advanced. Its like three games in one.

The basic rules are good for father and son games, games on a small or large space, even at conventions. It is a good way to start playing the game, learn the basics then move on to the regular game.

The regular game is the meat and potatoes of the game, where the rules have more detail and weapons and vehicles have their own stats for what they are. This is the way most games will be played. If you want even more detail try some advanced rules mixed in.

The advanced rules allow the players to add the extra detail they might want in a game. These rules are good for small but very detailed forces on the tabletop.

Example: Take for instance sighting. Everyone likes to play sighting in different ways. In FMHWWII sighting can be played a few different ways. In the basic rules sighting is automatic except in a few situations where the enemy is trying to hide from you. In the regular rules you roll a simple sight check. In the advanced rule you not only need to see the other guy you have to identify if it is friend or foe.

No matter what level you are playing you can add a rule from a different level to work in the game scenario you are playing.

More on FMHWWII later

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