Full Metal Heroes Game at Recruits: The Results

Today the Full Metal Heroes WWII game was put on at the Recruits Game Convention.

I want to thank Amber, Justin and Ray for playing the American Force and Bob and David for playing the German Force.

The American plan was to get the “Special” crate the Germans had in their possession. The Germans wanted to keep it at all costs.

The game started with the Americans trying to do a mad dash across the bridge with their scout jeep, hoping to make contact with the Germans.

Unfortunately they did, The driver was hit 3 times and the jeep went off the bridge, flipped over, taking out the passenger. Thank you David for the added touch of flames.

The game went back and forth with fast and furious combat. The Americans took out the Germans MMG team and the Germans returned the favor. At this point, both sides were without their support weapons.

(Always good to see someone wearing a Victory Force shirt)

The Germans lost the trench when their Half squad in the trench was wiped out. Things were looking good for the American side, the field was wide open. But things would turn very quickly for the Americans. What looked like an open field, quickly became a dead end. The German MMG team was able to recover and get their MMG back in action. With the raking fire from the MMG team combined with a German Squad firing from the Hedgerow the field with the trench became impassable.

The Americans had to change their plans, a unit concentrated fire on the Germans in the Woods as the rest waded in the river along the bank, trying to flank the Germans in the woods.

This would end in tragedy for the Americans, as they would lose the majority of their flanking force do to a couple well placed grenades. The game was over and the Germans would keep the crate.

In the end everyone thanked each other for a good game.

The game went back and forth, there were some surprises such as 3 “grizzly demises” (The result of the damage inflicted on a soldier was so bad, that others around had to roll to see if they break.) One soldier reacting to being shot at went hero for an action firing back resulting in the attacking unit losing its leader, their reaction to this was breaking. The breaking and recovering of  the German MMG team, that later influenced the outcome. What makes me happy with the FMHWWII rules is, one side is not completely out of the game for long, because in a turn, everything can change.

I left pleased with the results. I heard a lot of good comments Such as “This is what I see as realistic (game style) combat”, “smooth play”, ” really great game” as well as other comments.

Everyone had a great time. I had a great time, and time flew by. Good 2.5 hours of gaming fun.


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2 Responses to Full Metal Heroes Game at Recruits: The Results

  1. Brian says:

    Wish I could have been there. Duane always asks me every year but its just a long haul from the Lone Star State. Looks like a fun battle.


  2. Its a good show for playing games. Always friendly. For a gamer it is worth the trip for a weekend of gaming. Go next spring and get into one of my games.
    James L Bland

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