Recruits Scenario “The Crate”

Here is the Scenario to be run at Recruits.

Recruits 2010 Scenario: The Crate

Scenario is played on a 4′x8′ table.


A very special Top-Secret crate is in the German’s hands. A U.S. General wants the crate. The crate is so important the U.S. General is with the force sent to retrieve it.His force has been lucky and after a long chase, lasting for days, the only thing between the General and his prize is a small river and a group of Germans. So far, a part of the U.S led force has crossed the river and is engaged in a fierce fight in a small trench line occupied by the Germans.

Victory Conditions: Allies seize the “crate” and defeat the German Force.

Forces available:

3 U.S. Infantry Half Squads, each with 1 BAR

1 U.S. Airborne Squad

1 British Half Squad With 1 Bren LMG (in trench)

1 U.S. MG Team

1 Command Unit: 1 General, 1 Airborne Commander, 1 Runner, 1 Radioman

1 Scout jeep with MG, with driver and rider

Set Up: U.S. Force may setup anywhere within their setup area. The British Half Squad is set up in the western side of the north trench.


The Germans

The Germans have a very special crate that needs to reach Berlin. A German Officer is in charge of getting it there. With him are elite soldiers of the Reich. The German’s have reached the treasure trove of crates containing stolen artwork as well as the special crate. Everything was going well, but once the crate was loaded on the truck all the vehicles in the group failed to start. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the Americans have come across the river. The officer has set his men up to protect the crate. His orders are to get the crate to Berlin, if that is not possible, destroy it.

Victory Conditions: Defeat the Allies and keep the “crate”.

Forces Available:

1 German Infantry Squad

1 SS Half Squad (in trench)

1 SS Half Squad with MG 42

1 Fallschirmjager Half Squad with MG 42

1 SS MG 42 team

1 Command Unit: 1 Commanding Officer, 1 SS officer w/StG 44, 1 Platoon Srg. w/StG 44, 1 Messenger, 1 Infantry w Panzerfaust

1 Kubelwagon

2 trucks

Setup: German may setup anywhere in their area. The “crate” will be in a truck next to the crates area of the map. The SS Half Squad marked “trench” must be set up in the east side of the north trench.


The Terrain:

Medium Type Wooded Area, Field, Dirt Road, 2 Trenches, Ruined Buildings, Hedge Rows, Small River

The River is fordable, about chest high water.

There is a MG Nest placed where the road divides.


If either side destroys the crate, they lose. Other side does not gain Victory however.


See the “How To” as well as other posts for more info on how some of the terrain was made as well as photos of the setup.


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  1. Brian says:

    Was there a certain Dr. Jones involved with this skirmish? ;)


  2. I did burn the emblem on the crate :)

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