How to: Magnets under bases

I use magnets on all VFM display figures. The display case has a metal shelf, the figures stay put while transporting and displaying. You might want magnets on bases mainly for the transportation of figures. The figures can sit on a steel plate in a transport box and are less likely to get damaged as you move them from game to game. This will also help keep them from being knocked over, as they sit on side tables, that get bumped into at cons.

What you need:

  1. Rare Earth Magnets ( .250″ Diameter, .063″ length, as written on the package) Great for under standard 25mm plastic bases.
  2. Super Glue (Gel)
  3. Figures on a 25mm plastic base
  4. Flat surface

Place a good size drop of glue on the magnet. Gel glue works best because it makes a good solid blob, instead of a runny mess.

Carefully place the figure’s base over the magnet, so that the magnet fits inside the hollow space on the underside of the base. Make sure the base sits flush on the flat surface. Now let the figure sit until the glue dries. Glueing the magnet on this way helps make sure the magnet is flush with the bottom of the base.

Allow a good size space between figures, while the glue dries. If not, you might have magnets covered with wet glue jump onto other figure’s bases with magnets underneath.

When you remove the figures from the flat surface, there is a chance they might be stuck to the surface. Do not lift straight up, instead slide the figure off the surface so as not to break the magnet off the base.

Have fun


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