Recruits Table Finished

The Recruits table is finished.

If you are going to Recruits in Lee’s Summit this Saturday, stop by and get into the game.

Full Metal Heroes WWII games will put on at 9 am and 1 pm.

See you there


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2 Responses to Recruits Table Finished

  1. Robin Breeden says:

    Nice table… any chance it & you will show up at origins next year?

  2. Hi Robin
    Thats a good question. I am thinking about going to Gen Con Next year.
    Have not decided on Origins yet. May depend on what they are going to charge me for a booth. But that doesn’t mean I might not go and put on games. I will know more later.
    If I go, I will probably bring this table and others to put on games. I hope, if I go, you will sign up to play in a game or two.
    I will definitely post on this blog when I know what cons I will be at.
    James Bland

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