How to: Ol’ Dry Rot Parts

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Ol’ Dry Rot has 3 trunk sections, 6 limbs, a section of root base (foot) that attaches to the trunk and a root tip.

It is best to attach the trunk sections with a good portion of “green Stuff”. Allow it to fill in the gaps and texture it to match the tree. Some areas near the top are meant to have a large gap. (see image) A little super glue should work fine on the root base to the trunk. “Green stuff” works great attaching the limbs also.

Carefully bend (don’t break) the limbs until you have the desired affect before attaching.

The root tip can be glued to a thin base of card stock with flocking so that you can place the tip anywhere on the table while using Ol’Dry Rot in a game.

Limbs were made to fit to corresponding areas of the trunk as they are placed in the image, smaller ones near the top. (See the finished piece in the image above for placement of limbs) Feel free to use your imagination and place them where you like. Simply fill in the holes that are there and carefully drill new ones. (With adult supervision)

Every effort has been made to make the trunk sides line up perfectly, but there is always a slight chance of some warpage do to the fact that hot metal can flex slightly when pulled from the mold. Using a filler such as “green stuff” will work fine filling in any gaps that may occur. 

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