Full Metal Heroes WWII

Get into the action with Full Metal Heroes WWII

Fight in the trenches, battle from house to house, command a tank, drop from the sky and hit the ground fighting, do all this and more in Full Metal Heroes WWII.

The rules set that lets you play the way you want.

Full Metal Heroes WWII is part of the Choose Your Rules Game System where you decide how the game is played.

© 2010 JLB Studios LLC


© 2010, JLB Studios LLC. All rights reserved.

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3 Responses to Full Metal Heroes WWII

  1. Len Sutphin says:

    When will these rules be up for sale? They sound very interesting.

  2. Hello Len

    I am near the end of the writing phase. Next phase will be to send them to an editor.
    While that is going on, I will work on the art and example diagrams.
    If I am lucky, by years end.
    I will try to keep everyone posted on this blog as far as the progress.
    Thank you
    James Bland

  3. Brian says:

    Good to see the Bland art again.


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