Full Metal Heroes WWII: Some very basics

In a nutshell, FMHWWII is played in turns, Each player’s figures or units will have one action phase to perform their actions. Actions can be such things as moving, shooting, operating a device or any other action a soldier might perform in combat. The game has different options on how units are activated, such as randomly or you go I go, etc. Different options are listed in the rules with explanations on how to do them. You simply select the way you like best.

The game uses modifiers to help or hinder what a figure or unit does. For example, a figure can shoot at a target during it’s action phase. That same figure can also move and shoot during its action phase; but by doing this, a modifier for moving while shooting will be applied to the figure’s to hit roll because shooting and hitting a target, while moving is very difficult.

As the designer of the game, I try not to use the phrase “you can’t do that”. I prefer to let modifiers and the roll of the dice decide if something can be accomplished or not. I feel if a player wishes to attempt a near impossible shot and give away that figure’s position, they should be able to do it. Most players will learn quickly that it may not in their best interest to try almost impossible things; on the other hand, there may be a time when all is lost and that if while performing that desperate act the target is miraculously stopped, all the better.

That should be part of the fun of wargaming, the process of learning when is the right time to attempt something and when not.

James L Bland

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