How to: Simple Trench

For the Recruits table, I did some hastily built trenches.

To make them was simple. I first cut out the trench in the foam base. I gave it a base color of dark brown. I did this so that if the ballast I will use to create the piled dirt around the edge of the trench is knocked off,  what is exposed will not be pink. At this point I stopped work on the trench and I flocked the ground around the trench. After letting the ground flocking dry for a day, I returned to the creating the trench.

Here is what I did next. I put some brown paint around the edges of the trench.

Next, I put some brown ballast on the paint and pressed the two together with my fingers adding more paint and ballast as needed to form a layer of piled dirt. I let some of the mix get pressed into the bottom of the trench.

After it dried, I had what looked like a simple hastily dug trench, ready just in time for the battle.

This was a simple way to do it. There are more complex ways. It just depends on how detailed you want the trench line to be.

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  1. Brian says:

    Great tutorial.


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