Spotlight: SuburbaKnight Armed Office Worker: Gung Ho #332537

Gung Ho is a office worker, zealot, and prepper who takes everything to the extreme, even the defense of his office and coworkers. He believes in always being prepared and has strategically placed various weapons, that he can reach in seconds, around the office.

He knows it is a matter of when, not if, that all chaos will reign whether by natural, political, zombie or alien reasons.


Find Gung Ho and his fellow SuburbaKnights and office workers in the SuburbaKnights Section of the Victory Store.


One of over 1000 figures in the Victory Store.





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2 Responses to Spotlight: SuburbaKnight Armed Office Worker: Gung Ho #332537

  1. Akos Buky says:

    Great to see more spotlight, especially if there are more pictures of the given figure.

    The office workers are one of my favourites, especially with the 2 versions. The basic ones could be used as upgunned agents as well, but the ones with packs and survival tools are even better for those survival games. An idea from a friend was more of the “average joe” with weapons: postman, mechanic, housewife… maybe the equipped ones too. Perhaps a 3rd stage of the office workers could be interesting too – more rundown suits, bulletproof vests, shoulder and kneepads… Everything one would don to run through rough terrain infested with zombies…

    • I am trying to do the spotlight as I originally intended. That was to highlight and give a description of select figures and at times give the thought behind why they were made or how I saw the personality of the figure.

      The original reason I started the SuburbaKnights was to make everyday residents of the Suburbs with weapons. I was sidetracked with the conventioneers because they were so popular.
      I need to get back to making them as I was going to do in the first place. I almost did a version of the office workers in torn suits as if they had been surviving for a couple months.
      Those are some good ideas, keep them coming

      I envisioned SuburbaKnights vs. zombies
      James Bland

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