New Release: King Jack, Leader of the Killer Pumpkins

King Jack is now available

Just in time for your Halloween games.

King Jack is the leader of the Killer Pumpkins found in the Storybook Wars Section of the Victory Store.

He is Stronger and more vicious than the rest of the Killer Pumpkins

Like the others, his strength comes from the Earth. He has many twisted vines that grab and tear apart his victims. A top his head, and between his gnarled horns, is a vine he can use as a whip to thrash his target.


He has also been know to devour his own kind.


Perfect for your Santa vs. Halloween game

See the Storybook Wars Section for Santa, his Elves, the Killer Pumpkins and soon Heroes of OZ figures.

Throw in some zombies for your game.




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