How to: Apply Flocking to the Terrain Board

What you need:

  1. Flocking material, the color or colors you wish to use
  2. White glue
  3. Paint
  4. Paint brush
  5. Game surface
  6. Small vacuum

One way to apply flocking (the ground color material) to your game board, is to pour some white glue and paint onto the surface of the board. In this case brown paint was used so that if any paint shown through the surface of the flocking when finished, it would look as though it was a patch of earth in a area of grass.

Mix the glue and paint on the board with a paint brush, spreading evenly across the surface area you wish to be covered with flock. Do not paint areas you do not wish to be flocked. On a large gaming area, it is best to do the flocking in sections. In this case the area on one side of the road was done first.

Sprinkle the flocking material over the wet surface of the gaming area. Spread it out evenly in a thick coating. In this example two different colors of flocking material were used and areas were left uncovered to later represent dry earth patches. Be sure to not touch the flocking areas, they are wet and you could create unwanted clumps.

Let dry for one day, then vacuum up the excess flock with a small vacuum that is used only for picking up flocking material. Keep the vacuum just off the surface area. A small battery operated hand held one works fine.

Dump the flocking material back into its container. If you used different color flocking materials they will mix, but this is okay because now you will be building up a library of nice blended turfs.

This was a quick how to, and there will be more on flocking in the future. The best way to go about flocking is to experiment.

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