McDaniel’s Marauders Update

Here is an update for all those who are waiting for McDaniel’s Marauders

I am using what figure parts I have, (from the JC Figures line) to try and make a varied selection of figures so as to allow you to have a good variety of figures for your table.

Many figures will come in two pieces, the upper torso and the legs. I am designing them to come in 4 man packs, to allow you to put together a Marine Squad. (I am basing this off the Marine Squad, 1 Squad leader, 1st Fire Team – Assault Element, 2nd FireTeam – Security Element, 3rd Fire team – Support Force.)

You will have the option to order any pack with the following leg choices – Standing, Assault, Running, and Kneeling.  The pack choices:  upper torso, holding M16 at ready, M16 firing, M16 with grenade launcher, Special Weapons, and SAW. This will allow for 20 packs to be available fro sale.

There will also be one piece figures available. Leader figures, squad members, and Corpsman.

I am debating on offering pre-orders for these figures.





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