Reworking JC’s Marines

The pile of figures in this photo means, I have placed JC’s Marines on my table and have started reworking them.

Originally I was going to change the figures dramatically, but stopped working on them for various reasons.

After a lot of emails asking about the figures I decided to look them over again and see how feasible it was to rework them. (Many of the figure’s stances caused their molds to tear)

My new approach is to keep the figures as near to their original look as JC sculpted them, but changing the figures stance enough so they will cast easier. I think it is important to keep them as close as possible as to how JC wanted them to look.

I also intend on naming them McDaniel’s Marauders.




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3 Responses to Reworking JC’s Marines

  1. Akos Buky says:

    Great news! I’m glad to see them comming back!

    As Victoryforce took over the minis I was able to purchase them and I’m very happy with them. Hope to see them expanded later. A sniper or two would do no harm. :-)

    If doing new molds please pay close attention to the magazines (or clips) – they had some minor casting issues on the otherwise very detailed figs.

    Looking forward to them!


    Akos Bueky

  2. Akos Buky says:

    ..It would result a lot of dead soldiers… :-)

    Actually trends were already going to the more streamlined versions and bullpup designs. According to reports those gismos are great to use but hell to carry. Unbalancing the rifle and getting stuck into everything is not a good thing.

    We`ll see what the future holds.

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