VFM Histories: Tools


I was asked in an interview yesterday what tools I use when I sculpt.

I will use about anything really. The tool might be something made for sculpting, or something I have made for a specific job, or even something not meant for this use.

The tool I use about 95% of the time is on the far left of the photo above. I have had that tool for about 15 years now.


Other items I use are drill bits, sandpaper, files, pliers, wire cutters, wire, my fingers, anything that will get the job done.









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4 Responses to VFM Histories: Tools

  1. So who interviewed you? Is it going to be published?


  2. Great! I suggested him to give ya a ring when he mentioned he was heading up to KC. Always mean to head up to check out Duane’s show but life and money always gets in the way. Maybe some day.

    Great interview,

  3. Thanks Brian
    I had it narrowed down to two people who might have done it, and one was you.
    If you ever get up for Recruits, let me know, because I will be sure to be there.

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