New Release: Twisted Jack Killer Pumpkins

The Killer Pumpkins are in the Victory Store

These angry pumpkins stand about 50mm tall and are the newest addition to the Storybook Wars Line.

These figures are slightly posable, if you are careful, to give you many variations of the three available figures.

The gang of 9 Twisted Jacks attacking Santa and his elves in the photo above was made by bending multiples of the three models available.


Twisted Jack Pumpkin Creatures

 These creatures gain their strength from contact with the Earth, similar to the mythological figure of Antaeus. Their strength enables them to tear concrete apart. They can regenerate their twisted vines as long as they are touching soil. Only their Jack O Lantern looking skulls cannot be regenerated and are their weakest point, if the shell is shattered they are dead. When these creatures are not touching soil they cannot regenerate and lose most of their strength. These creatures often lie in wait, looking like normal pumpkins on the vine, once their prey comes near, they quickly use their twisted vine limbs to entangle their prey. They often have disputes with Santa because of the encroachment of the Christmas holiday season on their holiday.

Find them here



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One Response to New Release: Twisted Jack Killer Pumpkins

  1. Akos Buky says:

    They have arrived and they look great! Huge and menancing next to the “normal” figures.

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