Workbench: Killer Pumpkin Trio

Twisted Jack

These are some figures I meant to finish for Halloween, but did not have time, so I put them aside until now.

You will be able to find them in the Storybook Wars section of the Victory Store, when they become available.

Each stands about 50mm tall.


Will Let you know when they are released.





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4 Responses to Workbench: Killer Pumpkin Trio

  1. Akos Buky says:

    Oh they look promising! Like the idea of the animated Pumpkins..

    Flight of witches on broomsticks bombing those helpless elves maybe? Witch infantry…?
    Perhaps the neck or body could be a bit thicker – not to break down that easily on the battlefield?

    • Thanks
      Their vines are tough and they can regenerate as long as they touch the soil. Its the heads that are fragile:)
      Like the the idea of Witch aerial warfare. Maybe throwing explosive caramel covered apples?
      Good Witch vs bad Witch.

      • Akos Buky says:

        They can also throw simple potions – might be easier to sculpt. Magic cauldrons of properly oriented and used could be used as mortars. :-)

        Black cats for the recon and close combat issues. Maybe with weapons?

        Just my 2 cents to throw in. ;-)

  2. Maybe even MG’s mounted on the broomsticks :)

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