New Release: VFM Zombie Random 25 Pack

The VFM Zombie random 25 pack is a special pack now available in the Victory Store.

What you get is a random selection of 25 zombies selected from our Zombie Horde Set 1 pile of figures at a special price.

By letting us randomly pick what you get, you save off the normal average price of zombies compared to what they would cost if you bought the Zombie Horde Set 1.

This is a great way to fill in the gaps on your tabletop because you don’t have not enough zombies to cover every avenue and alley of escape. Think of these guys as the unpaid extras on your movie set, or as canon fodder.

Lets face it, more zombies, more targets, more fun on game night.



This pack is sold at a special price and is excluded from any specials and coupon codes unless noted otherwise. Figures are made of pewter and are sold unpainted.Packs may contain repeats, multiple packs will contain repeats.



Find the pack in the Victory Store in the Creatures Section





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