How to: Hedgerows

Here are two simple ways to do hedgerows for your game.

What you will need:

  1. Hot melt glue gun and glue
  2. Clump foliage
  3. Reindeer moss
  4. Grape vine
  5. Pipe cleaners
  6. Balsa wood strips
  7. Brown paint

The first way is to take two pipe cleaners and twist them together at points, this creates the flexible base. Glue clump foliage and different color reindeer moss to the pipe cleaners. The moss comes in various colors, use the colors you like.

Don’t worry about being neat. Take a piece of grape vine and glue it into place. Add a little moss to the top of it, creating a small tree.

The second way is to use a balsa wood strip, paint it brown and glue the clump foliage onto it. Tear the clump foliage to give it some texture.

There you go, two quick and easy hedgerows.

Experiment and enjoy.

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