Coming Soon: Raw Raw Raw Meat! VFM Zombie Cheerleader Pyramid

Soon the Zombie Cheerleader Pyramid will be available from VFM.


Give me   B . R . A . I . N . S. 


Add some humor to your zombie game and support the home team.

Use them to block an alley, on the court, field, or as moldy eye candy on your table.



The Pyramid comes in three pieces for easy assembly,

and as you can see balances pretty well.


I also plan on making some conversions of the figures so that each figure can be available individually.




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2 Responses to Coming Soon: Raw Raw Raw Meat! VFM Zombie Cheerleader Pyramid

  1. Akos Bueky says:

    Excellent idea!

    It was even put on frothersunite. Mixed opinions but most people like it.
    Not exactly cheerleader bodies but in various state of decomposition…
    And gamingwise its more stable.

    • Thanks Akos

      There will probably be a lot of differing opinions. Some will like some will not.
      Those that don’t will express their opinions and those that do like them will buy.
      I listen to those that buy:)

      As far as the bodies:
      They look like the typical B squad of a high school pep squad.
      On the heavy side. Needed to form this stylized pyramid

      Not meant to be the A squad of a NFL team :) and they would never form a pyramid.

      My main goal in making them, was to work on connected figures and casting with the ability to form them into a larger single piece, with as little glueing as possible.

      Actually, the figures themselves do not need to be glued together since they can rest against each other when standing, easier to take down and transport.

      When I use them in a game I plan on putting magnets under the bases and use a slim piece of metal as a base for the pyramid to move them around the table.

      James Bland

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