Coming Soon: Santa and his Elf Troops

Coming soon:

Santa and his Elf Troops

I am finishing up on the last greens for this figure set

and will have them all for sale soon

The figures:

Santa with smg

Santa with bazooka (conversion)


Elf Half Squad

Sniper popping out of package

Forward Observer and snowman blind




MG Team

Fighting hand to hand with shovel

Above are some examples I have started painting on.

Santa and his Elf Troops are using U.S. WWII – Korea period style weapons

Santa wears military mountain pants and parka. 

He carries a Thompson SMG and a 45 pistol

His conversion figure has a bazooka

The Elves wear Christmas Elf style outfits with U.S. infantry weapons


Use them in your Christmas battles or have Santa and his Elves take on the Axis powers


More Later



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8 Responses to Coming Soon: Santa and his Elf Troops

  1. Akos Buky says:

    Right on my wishlist!

    I just pray our money gets stronger again.

    And just right in time to get them ready for Xmas.
    Any plans for the generic ones? ;-)

    • I hear you, I wish the economy would get better all over Akos.

      Generic ones, as in ones without weapons and have packages? Yes
      Also would like to do assault troops, airborne and a few others.

      And I would like to make allies and enemies.

      Thanks again
      James Bland

  2. Akos Buky says:

    We seem to get our fair share of stupid leaders who go against any advice made by any experts or common sense. But back to what we are here for – the figs!

    I would like to post it on Frother`s Unite – you might get plenty of positive / negative feedback but it generates a lot of attention and some feedback can be really valuable.

  3. Ron says:

    how tall are the elves themselves, to the eyes please ;)

    over all I really like the way these are turning out. love the fact the elves are so iconic. they are exactly what I would expect a north pole elf would look like.

    any chance we could get some Calvary elfs on reindeer? or an elf firing a sling shot(toy) with a grenade as the ammo.

    As for allies, snowmen (although there are several people who make these) yetis, treemen (pine trees of course), toy soldiers, a militia of bipedal toys (robots, dolls, dinosaurs, etc.) reindeer with explosives attached to them (although suicide reindeer might be politically incorrect)

    Keep making those elves though they look good so far. perhaps a few more poses.

    • Hello Ron
      The elves stand on average about 25mm to the eye.
      I was thinking about mounted elves, but do not see them being done before Christmas time.
      I have some of those you mentioned on my list to do as well as other Holiday types.

      Thanks for the comments.
      James Bland

  4. Akos Buky says:

    I was thinking about the generic ones and discussed it with friends. Dragging or bringing presents or just standing around pose or directing those flying reindeers was the idea..
    Or some in Bermuda shorts for the real Holiday Elves on Holiday.

    Sniper camouflaged as a snowman? The different elves of diffeerent nations could be represented with different hats – might be a minor conversion but could increase the number significantly. Just some ideas.

    • I have actually made 5 conversion figures just for you Akos.
      4 have packages and one has a lit candle. (The one just called out to be holding a candle instead of a gift.)
      Will have photos when I make the mold.

      I like the idea of a sniper as a snowman.

      great ideas thanks

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