Another look at Santa and his Elf Troops

Here is another look at the Santa and his Elf Troops figures I am working on….

So far…



More later





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4 Responses to Another look at Santa and his Elf Troops

  1. Akos Bueky says:

    They look very promising!

    An idea could be the different aspects of Santa Claus, a Prussian one for the Germans, the Winter Father of the Russians, and so on… Even if the current picture of Santa Claus was created and not that old, there have been quite a number of predecessors.

    • Good ideas Akos.
      I did think about the other Santa looks throughout the ages. And I have some ideas for them to fit in.

      My first thought was on the elves or pixies. We had some in the sixties that I use to have battles with under the tree. I wanted to make something that reminded me of them.
      Next, I thought about Santa and decided I wanted something different than the traditional Santa a grew up with, so I went with this Santa, for the WWII -Cold War / comic book look and he would go with these elves I was creating.
      He is actually wearing WWII Special Forces / Commando clothes, not the coca cola red and white. He is wearing the reversible tan or white parka, the pants are mountain pants, and his has a knit cap.

      Thinking of making him with bazooka.

      Always enjoy your comments
      James Bland

  2. Akos Buky says:

    Found the reference to the Xmas Wars miniatures:

    Just make yours different – I really like the WW2 idea. Might not be everyone`s cup of tee but with some “generic” elves grumble could be avoided.

    Saw the snowman – terrain, ally/enemy or weapon platform?

    Looking forward to see some more.

    • These will be different of course there is always some grumbling. :)

      The snowman is the FO’s observation point. It is hollow behind and he watches from there through the eyes.

      I made one master mold, just need to finish up the other greens to make the other master mold.

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