Workbench: Santa and his Elf Troops


Santa and his Elf Troops

I wanted to do something with a lighthearted Christmas theme, so I decided to make Santa and his Elf Troops, with a 40′s or 50′s retro look.

Santa wears a parka with mountain trousers and carries a Thompson SMG. The Elves wear traditional Christmas Elf clothes and carry various weapons. besides the regular infantry types there is a flame-thrower operator, a forward observer as well as a sniper.

 The Weapons carried by Santa and his Elf troops are those you might find used by US Troops in WWII or Korea.

Still coming up with a name for this line. The plan is to make other troops that could be allies or opponents to Santa and his Elf Troops.

As you can see there is a lot of work left to do on the elves.

I hope to have them available by the end of the month so you will have time to paint them up and use them on your game table for some fun filled winter games.


The battle for the North pole has begun!



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3 Responses to Workbench: Santa and his Elf Troops

  1. Akos Bueky says:

    I was quite suprized to see it on the frothersunite forum first.
    Positive responses so far.

    I quite like them too!
    Would reccomend some neutral (carrying/preparing gifts, sneaking around) as well.

    Xmas Wars is a name already taken and has tons of figs, Cold War is a historical name.
    Holiday Wars would suggest the Eastern bunnies are in the game too… Depends on the background you plan for them later. Other Holidays involved? I can also picture Xmas Elves in swimming trunks or bunny costumes.

    Enemies planned? The usual ones or Nazi snowmen or pinguin.

    Looking forward to see more pictures.

  2. Hello Akos

    I was thinking some unarmed would be good to have, as well as those carrying gifts that could be bombs as well as other poses. Also have ideas for different groups carrying Soviet and German weapons.

    And I can see different creatures and other holiday characters involved.

    Lots of ideas for something like this.

    Wish there were three of me to get things done faster.

    Thanks again

  3. By the way, the Elves themselves don’t take everything very seriously, and this can be a constant frustration for Santa.

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