Recap: Victory Force Miniatures releases for August, 2011

august releases

The following figures were released by Victory Force Miniatures during the month of August:

Feudal Japan

Samurai Retainers
Samurai Infantry with swords
Samurai Infantry with spears
Samurai Archers
Ashigaru spearmen
Warrior Monks
Samurai Undead Warriors

Redd Redan

Redd Redan “Savages” Wastelanders
Redd Redan “Six Roads” Wastelanders
Redd Redan Clone Farmers




US Tanker Heads
German Tanker Heads
Zombie Horde I

Find them in the Newest Products Section of the Victory Store.

Or in their own sections of the Store

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One Response to Recap: Victory Force Miniatures releases for August, 2011

  1. Akos Bueky says:

    Quite a work!

    Many on my Wish List!

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