JC Figures Modern Marines Special

We are sorry this special has ended.

These figures are no longer available.

For a limited time VFM is running a Modern Marines Special.

These are figures from the JC Figures Line purchased by Victory Force.


There are 19 figures in this special

They include a leader, medic, and riflemen with the ability to equip some of the figures with either a SMAW, M240 or M249 SAW.

Hurry this special is for a limited time.

Ends Aug 14th

Find them in the Specials section of the Victory Store.


Notice: If you are a collector, read this.

This may be your last chance to purchase these figures as they were originally sculpted.

The reason for this is that some of the figures cannot be cast because the molds have torn where there are deep undercuts. These figures are not for sale in the special.

When the line is rereleased, the odds are very good, most will be modified from the originals.  I plan on converting the masters to better fit the molds and hopefully give the production molds a longer mold life.

I will try to keep the rereleased figures looking as close to the originals as possible, but they will be changed.


© 2011, JLB Studios LLC. All rights reserved.

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6 Responses to JC Figures Modern Marines Special

  1. TJX says:

    I guess the new molds should look cleaner and have parts that fit better? I have the original figures myself from JC, and although these are excellent figures, there are a number of imperfections here and there. Some of the arms don’t fit very well with the torsos or they’re too short to reach the weapon they are supposed to be holding. How long can we expect for the “new” versions of this line to be available?

    • Yes That can be a problem with multi part figures.
      I found out how difficult some of the pieces are when I was putting them together for a photo.

      The pieces fit perfect when they are in green form.
      After being put through multiple molds the perfect fit can go away.
      Even the act of pulling the hot piece from the mold can deform it enough to not fit perfect.

      I don’t know when the new versions will be ready.
      The purchase of the line was not expected. Now I have to find time to work on the figures.

      I will try to keep everyone updated on the blog.

  2. Akos Bueky says:

    Could be the shrinkage of the greens – according some of the forums. I`ve placed the order as I have the first set already, and there were some from the second set as well.

    But also looking forward to the “streamlined” version. Planned some additional ones in the future?

    • There could be some loss of shape, because the green stuff is under about 2000 pounds of pressure in the mold.
      Mostly is from the metal shrinking as it cools and distortion can happen when pulling it from the mold.

      Once you put them together you should like them a lot.

      Near future ones will be based off the master parts.
      After that they will be all new.
      James Bland

  3. pablo caballero says:

    If the marines do get get resculpted is it possible to convert them with other 28mm based models like games workshop Imperial guardsmen which uses 28mm base and size. When would the rescuplt be completed?

    • Hello Pablo
      I don’t think it would be to difficult to convert them, if I understand correctly.

      Work on them is progressing slowly. I am guessing they will not be finished until into the new year.

      Thank you
      James Bland

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