Coming Soon: Redd Redan “Six Roads” Wastelanders

Coming Soon to the Victory Store

Redd Redan “Six Roads” Wastelander figures.

The members of this clan are all of Asian descent. The clan is very large consisting of 6 main groups called “Roads”, thus the name “Six Roads”. The “Roads” all are under the control of one main leader, who is chosen from one of the “Roads”

Each of the “Roads” is made up of smaller units,  each have their own territory that they control outside the rebuilding cities.

Often times individual members will be hired by outsiders as guides, or personal body guards.

They can be found using a variety of weapons, mostly handmade. Those in the more wealthy units will carry firearms.

The figures of this set wear mock style military looking shirts with baggy pants and sherpa sytle cap.  4 of the figures carry simple weapons.

These will be available for sale soon.



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