Spotlight: SuburbaKnights Conventioneers

Conventioneers can be found in the SuburbaKnights line.

Look for them shambling about the local game convention, looking for deals to use on their game table. Many are dressed in a homemade costume that fits their gaming style or fantasy world, yet you might find a cell phone, bag of chips, water bottle or even a goodie bag to dispel the persona they have tried to create.

Each is ready to face the dangers of their fantasy world, as long the chips and soda hold out.

Take a look at the Conventioneers as well as other SuburbaKnights here.

You might find one that reminds you of someone you may have seen at a Con.



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2 Responses to Spotlight: SuburbaKnights Conventioneers

  1. Akos Bueky says:

    One of my favourite range of all I collect. An underestimated theme. Hope to see some more soon. Perhaps some of the camera-maniacs (2 or 3 cameras, backpack…) or the overloaded buying everything from my favourites or the wargammer type with figure case and backpack full of rulebooks .. some suggestions.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    • Hi Akos
      Everyday I look at people and think, hey that might make a good figure.
      I really like the line because its endless.

      I like your suggestions
      I need to add the camera to the list of gear.
      I can already envision a figure with arms full of miniature cases and backpack

      Thanks, as always

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