How to: A Simple Road

For the Spring Recruits convention 2011 I decided to do a simple setup.

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The setup is made up of 4 (4′ by 2′) Masonite boards flocked and ready to go.

On two of the segments I decided to put some simple gravel roads.

It is simple to do. I took an already flocked section and rolled on some glue and paint where I wanted the road.

I could have stopped at the paint, to represent the road, but I decided to add some brown ballast to the make the road to appear as if it is made of dirt or gravel.

After the road was dry, I vacuumed the excess ballast up, and I have a simple basic road for my game. Another way to make a road would be to cut Masonite into road sections, apply the flocking, then place the sections wherever you want on the table each time you play.

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