Recruits Table Spring 2011

I have started work on the terrain boards for this years Spring Recruits Convention.

This year I decided to do something simple. I wanted to do some boards that are simple in design, easily transportable and are universal enough to be set up in different ways.

I decided to take 4 Masonite boards that are 4′ by 2′ in size. They are easily transportable and can be arranged to make a variety of different size table setups.

I placed the boards side by side, then applied a mixture of paint and glue. I used a dark brown paint, so areas that show through will look like dirt. You might want to use a green color to better go with the flocking color. Apply the paint and glue in a even coating on the boards.

I then applied various mixtures of flocking as thick as even as possible.

Without removing any flocking, I then allowed the boards to dry for 24 hours

After allowing the boards to dry, I vacuumed the excess flocking material and returned the materials back to their containers. The vacuum I use is used only to remove flocking as to not contaminate the mixture.

The problem with trying to do 4 boards at one time can mean by the time you finish applying the coating of paint and glue, the side you started on may have dried enough to form a light skin the flocking will not stick to.

The best way to keep this from happening is to do one section at a time, as in the above photo.

More later



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