Full Metal Heroes: Infantry Combat

Your infantry, in Full metal heroes WWII, will be able to battle using a variety of combat techniques. The one you will use most is what’s called “combat firing”. This is where the figures in your squad fire off rounds in quick secession into a single area or target mass.

There are a variety of other methods of ranged combat your figures may also use on the table. As a player you may decide to use rapid fire, which is designed to fire off large volumes of fire with the intent to make the enemy put their heads down, so that you can flank them. You will be able to use quick shots around corners or from behind hedges, set your machine guns on raking or plunging fire. You will be able to to fire your submachine guns in short bursts or spray an entire room with bullets. You can have a figure take the time to aim its rifle shot or wait for a target of opportunity, as well as put your squads on overwatch or set an ambush. All will have their advantages and disadvantages in certain situations

Thats not all. You will be able to have your soldiers throw and launch grenades, use flame throwers,  mortars, and more.

You will be able to decide what is the best way for your tabletop warriors to handle the situation they are in each turn of the game.

More info on FMHWWII to follow


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