VFM Histories: The Awards

I actually won two Awards for my BGWWII figures.

I won the GAMA Award for Best Historical Figure Miniatures Series of 1999 and 2000. I was the last to win in the 20th century and the first to win in the 21st century. The Yelling guys had did it!

At the time I did not even know my figures were entered in the competition and was surprised when I found out I had won. I really felt like I had done something when I was holding the award in my hand. Especially if you look at my first figure.

I never got to stand in front of a crowd to accept the award and give my acceptance speech, on either occasion. So my tuxedo stayed in the closet. The first award came in the mail. I was told I had won it and, then one day there it was. I had never seen or heard of a GAMA award before and now I had one in my Hands, with my name on it!  I didn’t know who had been my competition or how I had won. I just knew I had won.  I will admit I felt pretty good about it.

On the second win, I didn’t know I had won, because I was out of the business at the time. I can’t remember if it was a year later or when, I heard from someone I had won, then checked the GAMA site to find out. The trophy was probably sitting on a shelf in the office of BGWWII so I guessed I would never see it. I contacted GAMA about the award and they confirmed I won it and they would send me a new trophy. I was glad they were willing to do this and this started the communications back and forth between myself and GAMA. After a new award was made, I was contacted by the representative from GAMA as to what address to mail the award to. Heres the “Its a small world” thing. The representative with the award was only a few blocks from my house. What were the odds of that happening? We had been communicating by email for months and could have just as easily yelled over the fence to each other. In the end, he brought the award over to my house and I had my second award in hand.

Soon I would decide to start sculpting again.

More VFM Histories to follow.


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