VFM Histories: The “Cartoon” Soldiers

The “Cartoon” Soldier figures, or “Cartoon Figs” as they would be called, would be the look of the figures I would make for the BGWWII game for the next couple of years.

They were made to be simple, fun, animated figures with a comic book feel, not something one collects for their artistic merit.  These figures were made to be playing pieces. Many were in action poses with mouths open as if they were communicating to each other on the table. Because of their open mouths, gamers would also call them the “shouting guys”, sometimes even “yelling guys” or even the “screaming guys”.

Even though my new figures were simple in design, They still had to be accurate in the gear and weapons they carried. Players needed to know what weapon each figure carried from a distance on the game table. I accomplished this by making the weapons oversized, with enough details to make them easily identifiable.

These figures would also use plastic slotted bases. I wanted to get away from sculpted bases on the figures and these bases were a perfect fit. I liked that the round bases, they created a uniformity in the look of the figures. They also alleviated the problem most figures with small bases had, and that was falling over when the table was bumped.

These would be the Official Battleground figures for the next couple of years (1998-2000). I still have people tell me that these were the figures that got them into gaming. Some people still use them in their games. Some have sold them in order to start collecting the VFM figures.

I always enjoyed sculpting these figures.

More VFM Histories to come, stay tuned.


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4 Responses to VFM Histories: The “Cartoon” Soldiers

  1. These were the minis that got me into WWII wargaming. In fact, I was able to boast and one time to have the entire BGWWII minis line including all the special Hero of the Month ones and even those Brit Airborne that JC did I believe just when you left. I admit that I was one of the guys who sold off your old stuff to get your new stuff but keep some of my favorite minis like the German Panzershrek team, German Sturm Squad CO and the German Medics. Great stuff that bring back lots great gaming.

  2. Birger says:

    …I never wanted to play WW2 but I got into it through Your figures, I saw them and had to have them. They are easy recognizable and everybody loves them when I show up at the gaming table. Players pick them up to look at the design ( and my painting I hope..). I still got all of them and will not sell them off.
    Now I am rounding my collection off by adding from Your new minis. It is Your fault that I started in WW2 much to the distress of my whife!!! Shame on You.

  3. Thanks guys.
    Always glad to hear something I did, got someone interested in WWII gaming and collecting.
    Just hope I have not caused any divorces:)

    • Birger Kuhlwilm says:

      No, no divorce but I had to buy a few things for her to even my purchases out. My whife supports my hobbies luckyly, she probably thinks that me spending time painting and playing is better than me spending time at a bar with other ladies…. ;-)))

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