VFM Histories: The Transition Figure

The Transition Figure

After the failure at the distributor show, I set about working the first of the new strategies for the figure line, changing my style.

What I came up with was a guy I called “Pumpkin Head”. He was very simplistic and odd looking, but he was the first figure I worked on that I managed to not have the “green stuff” stick to the tools. Well, most of the time.

I never put him in a mold, and he was the last figure I did with a base attached. I experimented with the amount of mixture between blue to yellow when mixing the “green stuff”. You can see this in the different tones of green on the figure. This figure opened my eyes, a little, to some of the different ways to go about creating a figure for the game table.

This transition figure had some of the design qualities that would appear in the next type of figures I would make.

For better or for worse.

The next VFM Histories talks about the BGWWII figures line.


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