VFM Histories: First Figure

My first figure. (circa 97)

Something isn’t it?

Back in the Battleground days, it was decided we needed figures to go with the Game. Since I was an artist, everyone assumed that I could just sit down, make some figures, and we would have a line for sale in about a month. This figure is the end result of that assumption.

In my defense, I had no idea how the process went. My first step was to take something I had never heard of before, called “green stuff” and make a sculpt of a German figure sitting. It was a pretty good figure I thought, for having never done such a thing before. At the time I didn’t even have the basic knowledge on how to keep the “green stuff” from sticking to the sculpting tools. Actually tool, I only had one to work with at the time. In fact, I still use that particular tool for about 90% of the sculpting, for each figure, I do now.

The next step was to make a mold of the figure, so we could start mass producing the little money makers. For the record, mold making was yet another area I had absolutely no knowledge in. On a day that started with eager anticipation, I mixed up some silicone, poured the mixture over the figure, and then waited for the silicone to set up. When the the time came, I went about the task of removing the figure from the mold. At this point I managed to tear a large section of the mold, creating a large cavity that would later lead to the amorphous blob you see between the figure’s legs, chest and on up to his neck.

The figure was drop cast out of tire balancer lead.

At this point, I regrouped and started working on the next figures.

More on those in the next VFM Histories.

(Note: Keep in mind as you read these VFM Histories, I am a self taught sculptor, miniature maker, mold maker, etc etc.).


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