VFM Histories: Toy Soldiers

Note:  VFM Histories will be a series of articles revealing what led up to and what is now called Victory Force Miniatures.

Toy Soldiers

Long before VFM or BGWII, I played war with anything I could find. I had in my arsenal, the normal green army men, (some were blue)  model men and tanks of about the 1/72 scale, as well as some metal toy soldiers.

I still have the metal toy soldiers I played with as a kid. These were given to my brother and myself, by one of my uncles. I think they were from a store bought mold, but I could be wrong. I think it was late 60′s or early 70′s when we received them. Their lack of detail did not diminish in any way their importance or prowess on the carpet battlefields of my room. (if you recognize the type and what company did them, please let me know. They stand about 4″ tall.)

These figures, as well as some Rocco tanks, model soldiers and plastic army men are my earliest memories of collecting and playing with small soldiers . As you can see, I put some detailed and very historically accurate paint jobs on them.

More VFM Histories later


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2 Responses to VFM Histories: Toy Soldiers

  1. I inherited a huge MARX box of toys from my two older brothers and those are to this day scattered all over my floor wherever my kids have been playing.

  2. I had a few of the Marx sets. I still have the Navarone set. I got it for Christmas one year in the 70′s. The marching guys always got it first.

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