Spotlight: I.O.M.M.

Island of Misfit Miniatures ( I.O.M.M. )

We are all Misfits, please find us a home.

This is the place where all the miniatures go, that cannot find a tabletop to play on. These are the figures no one wants!

Actually, each figure in the line is purposelly made to look as if a mistake was made or simply has no place on the game table, let alone a reason for even being made.

For example, The WWII German SS figure with a AK47 was made for one reason, the GM can place it on the table and wait to see how long it takes before someone notices the very large historical inaccuracy he is holding.

The other figure is the German soldier with one arm, a cat in his lap and a cup in hand. This one is for the clever GM. If you can design a scenario that needs him in it, send it to us. That is something we would like to see.

Be the only one in your group with one of these figures.

Collect them  here.

Keep watching for new figures in this line.


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